Beauceron is a Belgian, Antwerp based artist with a record in music that goes back for years, and a seasoned lover and supporter of the 49 Corbisier. Despite pulling inspiration from artists like Bon Iver, Selah Sue, Chet Faker, and Mumford & Sons, he simplifies his genre and is easily identified by his folk-like voice and simple chord-progressions. Granted, he is musically self-taught, but that only means that his strengths lie in his heartfelt lyrics, which talk of heartbreak, emotional violence, and depression. Regardless of his mainly sad choice of subjects, he is mostly known for his lively performances and anecdotes, his ability to make any show feel like a bonfire night among friends, and warm interaction with fans. Although he has performed live from the streets of France to the stage in Copenhagen, the singer-songwriter leaves a surprisingly small online presence. His debut single has only recently been confirmed to be released “soon”, and the only other evidence of his musical presence can be found in the sporadic instagram-stories of his close friends and family. Whichever way you slice it, Beauceron is a relatable musician who’s lyrics and melodies will touch another chord with every listen.